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Blue Arrangements / Lazy Susan
- identity, web design, merch
Allie Rowbottom
- web design,
& various
promotional projects
Jon Lindsey - web design Cool Memories
- web design
Nathan Dragon - web design Blithe Field - album cover art for Hymn For Anyone Temporary Paradise by Rachel Rabbit White
Web Design, type treatment, promotional materials
Mundus Press - creative web consulting under Kole Kovacs January Fiction Deluxe for Hobart Pulp - typeset, internal design Ashleigh Bryant Phillips
- web design
Laura Letinksy- archive organization and web design 16'-17' Ty Healey
- Book design and shirt embroidery'
Muppet Recovery - shirt design Frequent image contributor to New York Tyrant Magazine carpet vaccumed into even triangles set of vertical windows displaying a gradient of dim light corner with two doors, on one hangs a fabric with a repeat design of teddy bears and the word "friends" room that appears upside-down room painted as though brick is peeking through that same painted brick room but close up large corner fireplace sandwitched between two images of a hound sniffing the floor blue and teal tiled kitchen with striped wood cabnets person in a tracksuit standing outside alone in the corner of a yard backyard with spotted dog running outside patio of hexagonal brick tiles a koy pond glass room, a tile inlay contained by pillars in the middle of a living room, a step up tub with two tiers of shower curtain mozaic leading up the side of the tub to the showerhead drilled path leading to toilet filled in with riverstone arial view of a tub eight-paned window on a wall painted with a spiral of leaves light brown faux marble tub that mimics wood kitchen with fruit wallpaper and a tape machine built into the wooden cabnets tiled mozaic of a large hibiscus flower bathroom with a skylight and a curtain indicating the showering space which otherwise has no division bathroom with no mirror installed bathroom and a kitchen with identical windows and pale purple/ blue tiles wooden ceiling with painters tape filling the holes with a light blue accent wall adobe house with light blue trim pieces popcorn ceiling suspended in a cobweb thick layer of mineral build-up inside a bathtub pink walpaper peeling to reveal another panel of wallpaper beneath it, some sort of tropical grass grid of mold damage shattered light-fixture and burn on ceiling toilet paper fixture adhered to the wall with tape then painted over "Super Human! Joyful Bliss! Long-Term Alignment! Joyous Journey! You can't get it wrong & we can't get it done :) blue clouds handpainted over a window for privacy carpet vaccumed into even triangles view of a yellow adobe casita through a blue arch tiled arch inset into wall with a rust floral motif. "in bedroom" bedroom lit in dim purple, satin bedskirt and curtains gas stove with all burners on high to show THEY WORK pool table green teal carpet reflected back in a large mounted mirror hot pink room with a saguaro lamp wood beamed ceiling with two-armed light fixture white kitchen with two symetrical sunflower heads painted on one cabinet door entryway with a shiny pink door, viewed as if you are leaving the home
big and small greyhound
Minni and Carrie Blue, 1999